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Our Vision

The Muslim Community in the United States needs to produce a generation of dynamic leaders that are deeply literate in the Islamic intellectual tradition yet respect differing viewpoints and have the capacity to analyze the Islamic tradition in a critical fashion while retaining a respect for historical scholarship. These leaders must have the ability to translate their belief in a manner relevant to the Western context and engage society for positive impact. These individuals should be able to engage the primary sources of Islamic knowledge in order to not have the crux of inadequate and often misleading translation. We envision a bright future for American-Islamic relations that nurtures the value of education, leadership, and civil engagement.

Our Approach

Integrated Curriculum - Our unique curriculum is a comprehensive program that aims to teach its participants how to read primary source texts in their original Arabic, use them to extract and understand lessons, and finally, learn how to contextualize the learning properly within the American context.

Residential - Whereas online classes and networking provides benefit, the residential dimension of our program values relationships over contacts. By creating an environment that is conducive to learning, discussion, and growth, the Fawakih program aims to build a community of students that can continue to benefit from relationships made long after the program.

Holistic - Currently most Islamic programs approach Islamic studies from an intellectual perspective, a spiritual perspective, or through action-based learning such as leadership development.

What sets Fawakih apart from those is its unique blend between focusing on the mind, body and soul. The academic curriculum is aimed at being rigorous and intellectually stimulating, the leadership track allows for students to translate theory into action, and lastly, the event lecture series focuses on a spiritual dimension of the text which transverses the literal meaning, adding another dimension of understanding.

Diverse Student, Staff, and Teaching bodies - One of the critical dimensions to our success in promoting diversity and respect for differing viewpoints is to bring it into the classroom with diversity within the teaching body and the students that attend the program. The graphs below give a glimpse of the diversity found last summer in our instructors. Breakdown of Fawakih Teachers

Our Name

Ustadh Kamran Riaz explains the meaning of the name Fawakih and the benefits of such
programs for Muslims and the societies in which we live.