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Shaykh Taha

Tafseer Instructor

Shaykh Taha received his Bachelors (A.B.) in the Comparative Study of Religion from Harvard College, a Master's (A.M.) in Arabic and Islamic Studies from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University and is an ABD from the same department.

In addition to his father (with whom he began the study of standard Arabic as a child), he has studied the traditional Islamic disciplines with teachers from the Sudan, the Yemen, Tanzania and Bahrain.

He has received traditional licenses (ijazat) in Islamic ethics and law, Prophetic traditions (hadith) and other disciplines from several teachers, including Shaykh Nizam Ya`quby.

He was lead contributor to the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program's database software on Islamic financial ethics and jurisprudence, a Lecturer in Arabic at Boston University and a Senior Tutorial Advisor at Harvard University's Department of Near Eastern Language and Civilizations.

He is currently the Chaplain of the Harvard Islamic Society and the Muslim Chaplain at the Harvard Chaplains. He currently resides in Eastern Massachusetts with his wife and their three children.