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Suheil Laher

Shaykh Suheil

Academic Dean
Senior Quranic Arabic and Tajwid Instructor

Dr. Suheil Laher serves as Academic Dean at Fawakih. Dr. Laher has played an important role in developing and teaching the Tafsir and Tajwid courses at Fawakih since 2010. After studying Electrical Engineering at MIT, he earned an MA in Religious Studies from Boston University and recently completed his PhD in Islamic Studies at Harvard University. He has previously taught Arabic and Persian at Harvard, Brandeis, and Boston Universities. He has benefited from a number of teachers of traditional Islamic disciplines, in the US and abroad, and has ijazahs in Islamic theology ('aqidah), Islamic law (fiqh), hadith and other subjects. His publications include two articles on the Law of Jihad, published in The State We Are In, ed. Aftab Malik (Bristol: Amal Press, 2006), a collaborative volume published as a concerned Muslim response to terrorism.