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Sharif El-Tobgui

Sharif El Tobgui

Resident Quranic Arabic and Tafsir Instructor

Carl Sharif El-Tobgui obtained a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language from Georgetown University, spent the following year as a CASA (Center for Arabic Study Abroad) fellow at the American University in Cairo, then joined McGill University in Montreal, where he obtained both a Master's and Ph.D. in Islamic Studies under the direction of Prof. Wael Hallaq. His recently completed doctoral dissertation is a systematic study of Ibn Taymiyya's 10-volume Dar' ta'arud al-'aql wa-l-naql, refuting the notion of any contradiction between true reason and authentic revelation.

In 2004, Ustadh Sharif joined the faculty of Harvard University, where he taught all levels of Arabic (from beginners' MSA to Advanced Classical) for a period of five years. Since 2009, he has taught at Brandeis University, where he holds the position of Assistant Professor of Arabic & Islamic Studies and Director of the Arabic Language Program. Ustadh Sharif has also taught Arabic at Middlebury College's intensive summer language immersion program.

Outside of academia, Ustadh Sharif continues to pursue his long-term quest of acquiring traditional Islamic knowledge. He has taken numerous courses through Qibla Academy online, and is currently pursuing studies in Qur'an, fiqh, usul al-fiqh, hadith, 'aqida, rhetoric (balagha), and other subjects both online as well as with local scholars and study groups. Ustadh Sharif resides in the Boston area.