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Resident Quranic Arabic and Islamic Studies Instructor

Muhammad Adeyinka Mendes ​currently ​​serves as Founding Director of SacredService for Human Liberation, Lead Arabic ​Instructor for Fawakih Institute Atlanta, and as a Lecturer and Assistant Imam at Madina Institute USA. He was born in the United States​ and reared ​there,​ ​as well as in ​Nigeria. ​In Texas, at the age of​ ​17​​, he embraced the Universal Religion of the Prophets, Islam, after a life changing journey to Israel just a few weeks before his high school graduation.

Along with specializing in Arabic at the university level​, ​Muhammad Mendes​ has ​been trained for over two decades in the classical Islamic sciences by​ notable scholars ​from​ ​around the world. ​He is invited to deliver Friday sermons, present at conferences, speak at universities, teach at spiritual and educational retreats, and ​lecture on Classical and Modern Standard Arabic, the Sacred Sciences, and African Diasporic History at national and international venues.​ In addition to​ ​establishing​ the Annual Rawdah in 2003, a grassroots Islamic educational initiative, ​he​ has focused​ ​on translating and teaching rare Arabic manuscripts from Black Africa concerning theology, jurisprudence, ethics, spirituality, ​medicine, ​and metaphysics, authored by her greatest spiritual and intellectual giants.

Muhammad Mendes​ teaches a radically non-sectarian ​methodology of Islam rooted in its classical ​and intuitive​ tradition​s​,​​ ​positively ​engaged with modernity, and ​appreciative​ of human diversity, ​that is ​empowering to women ​​and youth. As a student and passionate advocate of Permaculture, Sacred Economics, Islamic Gift Economics, Liberation Therapy, and intentional community building​,​ he ​hopes​ to practically contribute to the healing of our world at every level. He and his family reside in Atlanta​, Georgia, where he can sometimes be found composing a poem ​atop​ Stone Mountain or playing ping pong at Madina Institute.