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Sumaya Jeeva

Sumaya Jeeva

Resident Quranic Arabic and Tajwid Instructor
Allentown Chapter

Ustadha Sumaya Jeeva is originally from South Africa and earned a Diploma in Theology from the Islamic College of South Africa and a Bachelors and Honours Degree in Arabic from the University of South Africa. Since 2003, Ustadha Sumaya has pursued Arabic and Islamic Studies in South Africa (Islamic College of South Africa, Darul Na'im), Jordan (Zarqa University, Qasid), Syria (Abu Nour, University of Damascus, Ma'had Ajaanib), the United States (Zaytuna College), online (SunniPath, Qortoba Institute) and through private studies.

Ustadha Sumaya served as a teacher's assistant at the 2011 Bayyinah Quran Intensive Program. During the 2012 Fawakih Summer Program, Ustadha Sumaya joined as a teacher's assistant and returned in 2013 as a resident instructor. She also worked full-time as the Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher at Faith Islamic Academy in Ohio.

Ustadha Sumaya has interests in the outdoors, traveling, holistic health, art and community projects. She currently resides with her husband in Allentown, PA.