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Haithem Abdella


Teaching Assistant Quranic Arabic
Massachusetts Chapter

Hello! Wa al-salaamu 'alaykum ayyuhal shareefeen. My name is Haithem and I am from Cambridge, Mass. My intellectual and academic interests are the Islamic knowledges, metaphysics, language, pedagogy, ethical theory, phonology -- they're many. I went to Philadelphia's La Salle University, concentrating in philosophy, along with studying French (language), Spanish (language), and English (literature) towards minors. I've since been back home in Boston doing various work and pursuing several Islaamic knowledges. These have partially included sharee'ah (moral code), tafseer (explication or interpretation [of the Qur'aan), qiraa'ah (recitation [of the Qur'aan]), usool al-fiqh (principles of derivation [of moral code]), and seerah (biography [of the Prophet ص]). Another of these knowledges has been of course one of the very prior ones among them and most pertinent here, Arabic. To that end I've studied variously, including notably at the Fawakih and Collins institutes for Arabic and the Islamic Society of Boston. Some of what I aspire to is complete foundational mastery of the essential Islaamic knowledges, a doctorate degree in philosophy, to become excellent at Arabic, French, Tigrinya, Spanish, and Amharic, and to contribute to the communal amelioration of Muslims as well as to economic, educational, and political justice domestically and globally.