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Ammaar Mirza


Teaching Assistant
Quranic Arabic
DC-Foggy Bottom Chapter

Ustadh Ammaar Mirza graduated from UMass Amherst with a BA in Finance. Soon after graduating, he traveled to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to teach English. He began his Arabic studies there and moved to Fes, Morocco to study Arabic full-time. After a semester he received the Ibn Battuta Scholarship for Peace and Diplomacy from the Qalam Wa Lawh Center in Rabat, Morocco where he continued his study of Modern Standard Arabic.

After returning to The States, he has been involved in communities in Boston, The San Francisco Bay Area, and now DC. He has designed his own curriculum for absolute beginners to the Arabic language up to an introductory Beginner course in conversational Arabic. He has recently moved the DC area and is working for a non-profit specializing in international education and international development programs.