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Weekend Programs - More Information

Fawakih offers a variety of weekend seminars, centered upon topics that are exciting and important for our growth as Muslims. As a community organizer, you can host a Fawakih program in your area. See our brief program descriptions below!

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  • Surat al-Fatiha Seminar

    The Fatiha program dives into the intricacies of the very first surah of the Quran. Muslims recite this surah more than 5,000 times in a year, yet many do not truly understand its contents! Students expore this rich surah in 3-D, Fawakih style:

    Read - Practice Tajwid to recite the surah correctly
    Understand - Dip into the ocean of Arabic to unlock meaning and the preciseness of the language
    Grow - Engage deeper interpretations to reflect on the surah's power and ability to transform
  • Imam Nawawi Seminar

    Imam Nawawi is one of the Islam's intellectual giants. Living during the Mongol invasion of the Muslim world and immediately prior to the founding of the Ottoman Empire, his perspective can illuminate struggles of modern Muslims. This program engages his life, times and writings that provide wisdowms on connectivng with the heavens through:

    • Remembrance of God [Dhikr]
    • Trust in Divine Decree [Tawakkul]
    • Serving Fellow Man [Khidmah]
  • Quranic Arabic Seminar

    Arabic is the language of the Quran and is truly divine. This course is appropriate for a wide range of backgrounds to engage in the study of Quranic Arabic. This course enables beginner students of Arabic to gain an appreciation for the linguistic aspects of the language, while challenging intermediate and advanced students to study the language of the Quran more closely.

  • Seminar Request Form

  • Hosting FAQs

    Q1 - How much does it cost to bring a weekend program?

    Program Type


    Single Weekend
    Single Weekend
    Triple Weekend
    Triple Weekend
    Q2 - What is included in the cost of the seminar?

    All honorarium costs and teacher accommodations (travel, lodging) are covered. Fawakih will also provide promotional materials, develop curriculum, and provide educational materials to attendees.

    Q3 - What promotional materials does Fawakih provide?

    Fawakih will provide an e-flier and registration site to help you promote the event.

    Q4 - Can the schedule for a given program be adjusted?

    Yes. The above programs are samples. Upon confirmation of the weekend seminar, hosts will submit a suggested program that fits the particular needs of their community. For instance, hosts can request changes in the schedule to accomodate prayer times, meals, special sessions for youth, and and so forth. We will work with the hosts and speaker to ensure that the seminar is taught at a level appropriate to the intended audience.

    Q5 - Where can members of the community register for the seminar?

    Fawakih will create a customized registration site on eventbrite.com where attendees can register. As the date of the seminar approaches, Fawakih will send the host periodic updates on the number of registrants. View a sample registration site here: jerseyfatiha.eventbrite.com

    Q6 - Is there a registration fee for attendees? How do you manage collection of funds?

    Hosts have the option of charging a registration fee, collecting a suggested donation, or making the event free and open to the public. Fawakih will manage the collection of funds through the registration site and provide the hosts with a check for all funds collected at the time of the program.

    Q7 - This sounds great! How do I get started?

    Submit a weekend seminar request form (click form above)