As new Islamic organizations in the West develop, and old ones expand, Fawakih seeks to connect various organizations in order to promote collective growth and unity. Fawakih strives to form strong partnerships with organizations that are mutually beneficial in curriculum, infrastructure and human relations. We believe that through the development of long lasting partnerships, each individual organization will benefit all while propelling the Muslim community forward.

Fawakih does not necessarily endorse all the views or opinions of its partners; however, we hold the common value of promoting Islamic learning and producing Muslim leaders in the West.

Ibn Jabal Institute

Ibn Jabal Institute’s vision is captured in the expression Lingua Arabica. Lingua Arabica is Latin for lugha ‘arabiyya or ‘Arabic Language’. It is also an allusion to the ‘English’ expression ‘Lingua Franca’. At the Ibn Jabal Institute, we want Lingua Arabica to once again be a common currency for learning and communication.
The Ibn Jabal Institute was born in the summer of 2001 out of the convergent vision of two students. Having completed their legal and political education at the LSE and Manchester University respectively, it was just and right for them to develop a most intensive (but tractable) Arabic course. They set themselves the task to develop an approach for teaching the material normally taught in a full-time undergraduate degree programme in only fifteen lessons . Drawing from their collective experiences of previous teaching and combining traditional approaches from the Arab world and the Indian sub-continent with conventional language teaching techniques used in the West, they arrived at a very effective synthesis. The comments of former Ibn Jabal students bear testimony to the success of this approach.


Seeker's Guidance

SeekersGuidance has quickly become a leading online institute for Islamic learning through providing relevant and affordable classes to all. SeekersGuidance aims to provide its students with uplifting courses that are designed for the varying needs and aspirations of each of their students as well as direct access to leading scholars through their Question and Answer service and classes. Furthermore, SeekersGuidance has an array of lectures that are released via their PodCast as well as a blog that actively keeps their students engaged in current events and classical scholarship. SeekersGuidance and Fawakih are working together in curriculum development, infrastructure and human relations. Fawakih hopes to have SeekersGuidance scholars do short classes during our Summer Intensives and also work together to create joint seminars throughout the year.

Risala Foundation


Our approach seeks to build on existing Muslim organizations in the Houston community by providing Islamic education and enrichment for adults. Our events have been developed for all interests and stages of spiritual development. Areas of focus include: Periodic classes and research studies, seminars hosting visiting scholars. Other opportunities include obtaining Islamic knowledge applicable to working professional, developing character and confidence through Interfaith work, participating in international trips facilitating study on the great legacy of the Muslim world.

MSA National

MSA National is the largest student run organization in the United States designed to serve the needs of Muslim Students by facilitating the establishment, maintenance and development of chapters of Muslim Student Associations, Unions, Organizations, and Islamic Societies. They emphasize the learning and well-being of the individual Muslim student, as well as, networking and growth of the chapter as a whole. MSA National and Fawakih are working together to develop and implement a special 1-month Fawakih program tailored to most effectively address the needs of our college-aged student demographic. This not only includes Arabic & Islamic studies, but also a leadership curriculum that will empower the students to return to their respective campus communities and put into practice what they learned at Fawakih.


Fairfax Institute

The Fairfax Institute is a leading center of knowledge committed to continuing education and lifelong learning through providing classes that are geared towards Muslims in a Western Context. The Institute offers an instructional program to help students, academicians, lifelong learners, and concerned citizens, as well as professionals in government, policymaking, business, and information analysis, to enhance their skills through a better understanding of the laws, traditions, culture, and nuances of Islam and the Muslim world. Fairfax Institute and Fawakih work together to provide students a positive learning environment during the Virginia Fawakih programs.


Qurtuba Institute (ADAMS)

Qurtuba Institute is based within the ADAMS Center in Virginia which serves one of the largest American Muslim Communities. The institute is designed to provide consistent weekly classes and seminars that are tailored to the Islamic needs of the community. With a variety of classes ranging from Quranic Exegesis to the Prophet's life to Etiquette, and a variety of teachers, Qurtuba Institute provides a much needed service to its local community and serves as an exemplary model for other communities to follow.


Tabah Foundation

Tabah Foundation is a non-profit organization that attempts to give suggestions and recommendations to opinion makers in order that they assume a wise approach that is beneficial to society. The foundation also sets up practical projects that serve the exalted values of Islam and bring out its splendor as a civilization. The scholars of Tabah foundation are some of the leading scholars of the Muslim community and are very attune to the needs of the American Muslim Community.

Qurba Academy

Qurba Academy is a leading center of Islamic Knowledge based in Toronto, Canada dedicated to preparing Muslims for the challenges of contemporary Western life. Qurba Academy provides classes in Belief, Law, History, Spirituality and Contemporary Issues which eventually translates into a student receiving an "essentials certificate." In addition to consistent classes, the academy also holds a variety of seminars and events in order to produce a community that is better equipped with the tools to live Islam with excellence.

Maydan Institute

The Maydan Institute empowers American corporations and institutions with the knowledge of Islam, and awareness of Muslims, to enter new markets, improve client and employee relationships and connect to global audiences. To reach this goal, Maydaan provides engaging seminars, workshops and customized training in media relations, public speaking and Muslim social and cultural practices. By facilitating Muslim voices in the American public sphere and guiding Muslim communities into institutional roles Maydan Institute revives a tradition of Muslim pluralism and creates empowered citizens. Fawakih and Maydaan work together to provide students with a leadership curriculum that empowers students to implement what they have learned.